Mixed Use: Fairwood Planned Community

Fairwood is the largest Mixed Use Planned Community in Bowie, Maryland. Since 1992, Ben Dyer Associates, Inc. has worked with the developer to create a new master plan for the former 800 acres+ turf farm. This phased development project has utilized the skills and expertise of every section of the company, including:

  • Master planning
  • Preparing zoning plats
  • Preliminary plans for subdivision and final development plats
  • Environmental for wetland and forest stand delineation and permitting
  • Engineering for floodplain studies
  • Design and development of water and sewer and stormwater management facilities
  • Street and road layouts
  • Surveying ground control for aerial topography
  • Construction stakeout
  • As-built surveys

We continue to provide a complete scope of engineering, land planning, and surveying services as the project continues to progress to completion. The final project provides nearly 1800 residential units, recreational areas and nature trails, open space, retail, and office space.

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