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Our economy depends on aggregate mining every day to produce the materials used to build roads, buildings, sidewalks and more. Transporting the mined reserves from one location to another without disturbing the environment or impacting roadways can be a tedious task. That’s where railroad sidings and conveyor bridges come into play. Conveyor bridges are an essential part of moving raw materials to an aggregate plant for further processing. In this project, Ben Dyer Associates, Inc. provided planning and permitting support services for a conveyor bridge over a local roadway. The installation of the bridge provides access to over 300 acres of sand and gravel reserves—allowing transportation of raw material from the mining area to the plant located on an adjacent property without having to use haul trucks or public roads to transport it for processing.

Ben Dyer Associates, Inc. also performed topographic surveying, design, secured the permitting, and provided construction stake out for a railroad siding adjacent to a material processing facility.  This allows processed material to be shipped and received to and from other locations—reducing truck traffic in the area.

Ben Dyer Associates, Inc. has provided a suite of services to clients supporting the permitting and extraction of aggregate reserves in Southern Maryland. Our experts work hard to prepare and complete the necessary Mining, Reclamation, and Sediment Control Plans required for the County and State permits to get these projects completed.

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